Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer Exam 1Z0-803 Complete Video Course

For multiple choice exams, you know the result immediately right after you finish the test. However for performance based and essay exams, you need to wait for some times because of the review process.

What are the levels of Java certification?

  • Oracle Certified Junior Associate (OCJA)
  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  • Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)
  • Oracle Certified Master (OCM)

That depends on your java 7 certifications for the test if you’re well learned then it’s easy while tough for those who have no idea about exam-related content. So, if you have enough knowledge of the stuff still you may find it a bit hard. Nevertheless, these should not scare you off as they don’t count that much anyway. Thanks, You made it to the end of the article … Good luck with your Java Certification exam!

Best Books and Courses for Java 8 Certifications

The OCAJP is also a prerequisite for the OCPJP exam, which is a professional level exam. Alternatively, if you already hold a Java certification like Java SE 6 or before then you can take one of the upgrade exams like1Z0-810 to become Java SE 8 certified professional.

What is Java SE 7?

Java SE 7 was the first and the major update to the programming language under the ownership and stewardship of Oracle Corporation after it acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010.

This book cracks open the questions, exercises, and expectations you’ll face on the OCA exam so you’ll be ready and confident on test day. Once purchased, the practice exams can be access for the lifetime. Yes testprep training offers free practice tests for AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty which can be used before the final purchase for complete test. Yes, Testprep Training offers email support for any certification related query while you are preparing for the exam using our practice exams. As, they don’t follow on one after another, and you get your certificate when you pass all required exams.


All the best for your, whether you chose for Java 8 Certification or Java SE 11 certification, you need to prepare hard to get the top scores, which you can put on your resume. Now, you may ask is there any scenario when going for Java SE 8 certification over Java SE 11 certification makes sense?

Work towards a Java programming career with this bundle – TechRepublic

Work towards a Java programming career with this bundle.

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